How To Design WCF Services For SharePoint 2013 Without Writing Code Using ECS Web Service Designer

Theobald Software just released the ECS Web Service Designer for SharePoint 2010/2013. The designer is part of the product suite ERPConnect Services, a suite which allow you the complete range of data integration between SharePoint and your SAP system. The Web Service Designer is a fantastic way to visually design and deploy no-code SOAP or […]

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Stock Quote Add-In for Excel 2013

I have developed a new version of the popular ‘MSN-like Stock Quotes Add-In For Excel 2007′ for Excel 2013. The user defined function PSQ is exactly the same as in previous version, but it will retrieve stock data asynchronously. This makes the Excel user interface more responsive to user actions, especially if you have to […]

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Nice HTML5 demos with SAP customer and stock quantity data using ERPConnect

A couple of weeks ago I have implemeted two HTML5 demos in C# using ASP.NET MVC, Web API and jQuery. The demos are displaying SAP customer and stock quantity data. The SAP/.NET connectivity is handled by the ERPConnect library from Theobald Software. The primary goal was to show how easily you can integrate good looking […]

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Fiddler and the 401 (Unauthorized) error with ASP.NET Web API using Integrated Windows Authentication (WIA)

A few days ago I had a real strange problem while using HttpClient in combination with ASP.NET Web API and integrated windows authentication (IIS Express). To keep it simple, I always got a 401 (Unauthorized) error returned from the localhost website, even though I was setting up the HttpClient correctly (see screenshots) and the HttpClient […]

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How To Integrate SAP Business Data Into SharePoint 2010 Using BCS Services And BCS Connector From Theobald Software

The Business Connectivity Services (BCS) of SharePoint 2010 provide a great way to fully integrate external data into the SharePoint. In most cases developers are integrating SQL database tables into the BCS services. But how do we connect to a SAP system? How do we integrate real world SAP business data like tables and function […]

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Using ERPConnect Services To Integrate SAP Business Data Into SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 provides developer with the capability to integrate external data sources like SAP business data via the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) into the SharePoint system. The concept of BCS is based on entities and associated stereotyped operations. This perfectly suits for flat and simple structured data sets like SAP tables. Another and way more […]

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Theobald Software releases ERPConnect Services for SharePoint 2010

Theobald Software GmbH is finally releasing an existing new product to integrate SAP business data into SharePoint 2010. ERPConnect Services is its name and consists of 3 components, which allow you the complete range of data integration between SharePoint and your SAP ERP/BW system. ERPConnect Services also gives you the opportunity to realize Single-Sign-On scenarios: Using […]

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FluentSP – The Fluent SharePoint API

Download FluentSP 1.0 from Once you are doing a lot of SharePoint programming you know you often have to write lengthy pieces of code to implement simple tasks like querying SharePoint lists. Nowadays you can read a lot of fluent APIs or fluent interface. For instance, jQuery, a JavaScript library that had successfully introduced […]

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ParagoServices – A SharePoint 2010 Service Application Sample

The new Service Application Architecture in SharePoint 2010 is a replacement of the Shared Service Provider (SSP) architecture known from SharePoint 2007. The framework offers greater flexibility in configuring, scaling and administrating SharePoint shared services. The Service Application Framework (SAF) is now part of SharePoint 2010 Foundation, the old Shared Service Provider framework was part […]

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How To Implement A Generic Template Engine For SharePoint 2010 Using DotLiquid

During the process of creating a complex SharePoint application you often need to send mails and create text files based on SharePoint data elements like SPListItem or SPWeb. Mail templates for instance mostly contain specific list item data. It would be helpful sometimes if the text generation itself is template-driven. This article shows how to […]

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