SharePoint 2010 provides developer with the capability to integrate external data sources like SAP business data via the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) into the SharePoint system. The concept of BCS is based on entities and associated stereotyped operations. This perfectly suits for flat and simple structured data sets like SAP tables.

February 3, 2012     ERPConnect Services, SharePoint, SAP, Theobald Software

Once you are doing a lot of SharePoint programming you know you often have to write lengthy pieces of code to implement simple tasks like querying SharePoint lists. Nowadays you can read a lot of fluent APIs or fluent interface. For instance, jQuery, a JavaScript library that had successfully introduced a fluent API to handle the hierarchical structure of the HTML documents.

September 19, 2011     FluentSP, SharePoint

The SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) are providing an Administration Object Model to manage all kind of BCS objects. You can use the an Administration Object Model to programmatically create BDC models, LOB system and instances, Entities and Methods. The Microsoft SharePoint Designer is using the object model itself to let you generate External Content Types (ECT).

November 15, 2010     Authentication, Business Connectivity Services, ECT, SharePoint