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How to show animated Info Panels via Lua scripting in your Peakboard visualization

November 18, 2017

Peakboard, Digital Signage, Info Panels, Lua

A couple of days ago I have written an article for the blog that shows the usage of the new Info Panel feature available to Peakboard visualizations. Animated Info Panels are perfect to give feedback about runtime errors or other important changes within the board. The feature draws the attention to the board.

You may check out the video I’ve made for the article (Info-Panels mit Lua-Script dynamisch anzeigen) to see the animations possible.

Peakboard Runtime - Info Panels Sample

Peakboard allows to easily and efficiently visualize complex data and processes in real-time, used as digital in-house communications or for displays in production, logistics, administration and Point-of-Sale.

Info-Panels mit Lua-Script dynamisch anzeigen (German) Help Blog
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