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New features for Stock Quote Add-In for Excel 2016

January 7, 2018

Stock Quote Add-In, Excel, Office Development

Today I implemented a couple of new features to the Stock Quote Add-In for Excel. You now can use an item reference notation to access all available JSON values. The screenshot below shows how to use the item reference notation to access all available data. Starting from the root object you are now able to access for instance the first figure data with financials/0/f_figures/0/annual. This notation returns the value as string. To return the value as number, prefix the path with !. The notation is case-sensitive.


  • Added JSON.NET parser to parse stock data more flexible
  • Added Ticker Data dialog to see JSON raw data
  • Added item reference notation to address all available data

Check out GitHub for more details!


Download from GitHub - Stock Quote Add-In For Excel 2018 R2

Stock Quote Add-In Info Page


German Edition of Excel 2016