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The new Live Tile Box control for Peakboard

December 10, 2017

Peakboard, Digital Signage, Live Tile Box, Lua

Recently I have developed the new and fantastic Live Tile Box control for Peakboard. This control behaves similar to the Live Tiles you may know from the Windows start menu and perfectly fits the requirement to show more information on a single screen. Each box may contain an arbitrary number of tiles, that can be freely defined by using the new tile designer. The tile designer basically reuses the same features that are available for the screen designer on the main window.

The video gives you an impression of the Peakboard Live Tiles in action.

The screenshot below shows the Peakboard Designer with two Live Tile Box controls on the main screen. Do not care about the aweful tile designs I made. I’m just not a design guy!

Peakboard Designer - Live Tile Box controls

The dialog window shows the tile designer for the live tile with name ‘Tile1’:

Peakboard Designer - Live Tile Designer

The next screenshot shows the options for the live tile transition effects. For each tile transition you may select a pre-defined effect or an effect category automatically selected by the control. Four categories of effects are currently available: Fade, Move, Bounce (with movement) and no effect of course.

Peakboard Designer - Live Tile Transition Property

The control allows for scripting with the Lua programming language and offers one event named TileChanged. This event is triggered once a tile is changing to the next tile (see screenshot). The sample board is counting the calls of the event and is changing a tile in the left Live Tile Box control with the name KachelBox1.

Peakboard Designer - Live Tile TileChanged Event

That’s it.

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