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SAP HTML5 Sample Web Applications

In 2012 I created two HTML5 sample web applications with stunning visual effects. The demos are displaying SAP customer and stock quantity data in real time. The SAP/.NET connectivity is handled by the ERPConnect library from Theobald Software.

The primary goal was to show how easily you can integrate good looking visual effects with jQuery. The customer demo (CIS) adds hidden table rows with a horizontal silder showing an order quantity diagram. The stock quantity demo (SIS) displays mutliple table rows once the user clicks on the top row. In addition it will add an extra row showing a chart.

YouTube video of the stock quantity demo
YouTube video of the customer information demo

jQuery / CSS libraries or tools used in demos:

  • Bootstrap (twitter)
  • jQuery.Shadow
  • jqBarGraph
  • pagePeel
  • progressbutton.jQuery
  • liteAccordion

The samples are part of the ERPConnect library. You can download a trail version from Theobald Software. ERPConnect is a lean .NET assembly that lets you develop robust SAP interfaces without a great degree of effort and most of all, without an elaborate infrastructure or any additional middleware.