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ParagoServices - A SharePoint Service Application Sample

The Service Application Architecture introduced in SharePoint 2010 is a replacement of the Shared Service Provider (SSP) architecture known from SharePoint 2007. The framework offers greater flexibility in configuring, scaling and administrating SharePoint shared services. The Service Application Framework (SAF) is now part of SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Foundation and custom service applications can be developed and integrated next to the standard services like Excel Services or Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

In 2010 I started to develop the ERPConnect Services (ECS) product suite for Theobald Software. ERPConnect Services is a service application built on top of the Service Application Framework (SAF). ERPConnect Services consists of components for seamless, straightforward integration of SharePoint and your SAP system.

The ParagoServices sample application shows you how to interagte yourself with the Sharepoint stack to offer your own shared service. The sample reflects the experiences I made during the work on ECS.

Download from GitHub

Download from CodePlex (OLD)